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TP-link Archer C 3200 Setup :

AC3200 router of Tplink provides high performance to the users. It contains Firewall, port switches that are four in number, Wireless AP and NAT router. It uses 3×3 MIMO technology. It is suitable for small offices or home users. It provides the user exceptional range and speed.There are built in Gigabit ports in the router that help in providing high speed connection to the wired devices connected to the router. http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Step 1: Connect a cable from modem to internet port on the TP-link Archer C 3200
Step 2: From TP-link Archer C 3200 Ethernet slot no 1 ,connect a cable to your laptop or PC
Step 3: close up the modem & TP-link Archer C 3200 for two minutes , if your modem features a battery ,remove it for two minutes , then activate the modem first ,once all the lights are solid on modem ,turn on the TP-link Archer C 3200
Step 4: Launch an internet browser type tplinklogin.net or tplinkwifi.net on address bar of browser to access TP-link Archer C 3200 login page, alternatively you’ll use the default ip address
Step 5: Enter tplinkwifi.net or in address bar of the browser , alogin window will appear , type username as admin & password as password .you can create new login credentials of your own choice.
Step 6: Click on Quick found out menu TP-link Archer C 3200 >> , select some time zone
Step 7: Select your internet connection type static, dynamic , pppoe ,L2tP as per your internet service provider .
Step 8: You can either change or select an equivalent wireless network name (ssid) and wifi passphrase as written on TP-link Archer C 3200 label
Step 9: To access wireless settings for TP-link Archer C 3200 you’ll also download tether application on your mobile device.

More Wi-Fi for More Devices

Three Wifi channels are running at the same time when the AC3200 router gets powered on. By this thing it is possible to connect more devices to the network or in other words more users can access internet and there is no degradation in the performance or speed. There is smart connects that helps in running the devices faster by balancing the network demand or in other words it adjust speed according to the need of the user. http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Seamless Streaming and Gaming

It provides you speed up to 3200Mbps. So you can access Internet without any interruption. You can view HD videos and play games simultaneously without any speed or buffer problem. Enjoy the fastest speed Internet with AC3200.

Maximum Coverage and Stability

You will get six antennas in the pack of your router. Fix those antennas in the router to increase the speed and performance of your router. It also uses Beamforming technology which further improves the performance of the router. Beamforming means to project Wifi signal in a specific direction or we can say in the direction of our laptop or desktop rather than in all directions. With this technology, a Wifi signal becomes stronger and faster.http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Run All Your Devices At Once

Multiple users can be served at the same time by the router as it has 1 GHz dual-core CPU and three co-processors. You cannot get a problem when accessing through AC3200 router. Streaming videos, browsing and gaming can be done without any buffering.

Lightning-Fast Wired Performance

AC 3200 has 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports. By these ports you can connect the external hard drives. You can easily transfer files, share photos and videos across the network. It has also Gigabit ports that are four in number. These ports help in achieving faster speed and if speed increases then performance also increases. So ultimately these ports help in achieving the hassle free internet access.http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Easy Setup and Use

It is very easy to setup and install AC3200 because it has tether app and web interface. You can also easily manage the parental control feature and media sharing by using tether app.

Features of the AC3200

There is a list of some of the features of tplink AC3200 router:

  • It uses 802.11ac standard technology which helps in achieving high performance.
  • For file transfer, image, audio and video sharing, it has one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port. You can easily connect external hard drives through these ports and start sharing.
  • It supports Auto MDIX/MDI. It has four 10/100/1000M Auto-Negotiation Ethernet ports, one 10/100/1000M Auto-Negotiation Internet port.
  • It provides us security by using WPA/WPA2 authentication. You will have to provide username and password of the router if you want to access.
  • It supports Internet Protocol version 6 that is Ipv6.
  • It supports Static IP/ PPPoE/PPTP/ Dynamic IP. You can share data with other users safely.http://www.tplinkwifi.net
  • If you have 2.4 GHz processor or 5 GHz processor, no problem at all. It supports both connections.
  • Supports Parental Control. By this feature, we can control the access of certain websites from our children and other family members.
  • You can easily update the firmware and it also supports web management.
  • It supports flow statistics.

Now, it’s time to setup the router.

First thing you need to do is connect the hardware after unpacking the router box.

What you require first is given below:

  • Place the router away from any type of heat or heating vent or sunlight.
  • An Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet access
  • Modem that has RJ45 connector.
  • A laptop or desktop computer with Ethernet cable and Ethernet adapter. PC should also have TCP/IP protocol.
  • There should be proper space around the router. http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Now it’s turn to connect your router, plug it in the power outlet and press power on/off if there. Check the status of the LED lights and check by using the manual.

Connect your computer to the router to access internet through your computer. There are three methods by which you can connect computer to the router. And all the three methods have different steps to follow to connect to the router.

Method 1: Connect to the router with the help of wire.

Take an Ethernet cable and put its one end in your computer’s Ethernet port and another to the Ethernet port of the router.

Method 2: you can also connect to the router wirelessly.http://www.tplinkwifi.net

Use default SSID (Network Name) and password to connect wirelessly. By default username is admin and password is password. Otherwise the password will be given on the product label at the bottom of the router.http://www.tplinkwifi.net

 Method 3: By using WPS button.

Press the WPS button located on your router to access the internet. All devices support WPS except IOS device.

http://www.tplinkwifi.net redirects you to AN scientific discipline address , to access any tplink router configuration page open an internet browser and kind computer network.tplinkwifi.net in address bar of your browser as an alternative you’ll be able to use scientific discipline address , a login screen can seem use username ad default parole each as admin . Tp-link ac series routers ar best noted for there final performance and stability .Almost all new ac series tplink routers work on beamforming technology and ar equipped with one GHz processors , tp-link routers ar compatibile with the majority net service supplier modems , to see and modify settings of tplink router you’ll be able to use classic internet address tplinkwifi.net or tplink tether application , tether app are often transfered from play store or from tplink download centre .

Carel: keep telling Pine Tree State my parole is wrong , i’m employing a archer c7 router ,even I even have every week LAN association , i’m unable to access http://tplinkwifi.net webpage
Solution: Default nework key parole are often found on tplink label itself or as an alternative you’ll be able to retrive your wireless parole from tplink configuration page below wireless settings ,to access tplink router configuration page sort http://tplinkwifi.net in address bar of the browser otherwise you will use the scientific discipline address , use username as admin and parole as admin .if you’re obtaining weak LAN signals modification channels to ideally eleven or vi. confirm your router isn’t stacked up and is removed from alternative electronic devices in order that interference is avoided

John: The router requesting parole on lable. I sort it in however. Its shows connected however really isn’t ,Ptp link gig comcast a small amount router archer c7.how to access tplink router login webpage computer network.tplinkwifi.net ?
Solution : Make positive coaxial cable is connected properly between isp electronic equipment and wan slot of tplink router ,try restarting tplink router and isp electronic equipment , to access tplink router configuration page initial connect your laptop with tplink router wired or wirelessly ,then launch an internet browser and kind http://tplinkwifi.net in address bar of the browser or use scientific discipline address ,in case of cable connections like cox and comcast macintosh biological research is needed to line up compatibility settings between cable electronic equipment and tplink router .

Jerry: ac1750 cant go surfing or connect all lights on on router and might connect with net if i exploit cat five cable to {laptop|laptop laptop|portable computer} manualy reset router howevertonon back computer sees LAN association but cannot get past parole
Solution : confirm LAN parole is correct as an alternative you’ll be able to connect your laptop exploitation wps button ,select network name ssid for tplink router click on connect choice and so press wps button for three seconds ,to reset tplink router press and hold button for ten seconds ,lights on tplink router can flash momentarily ,wait for the lights to show stable then launh an internet browser to complete came upon configuration method for tplink router .Note :resetingtplink router to plant default can modification all settings on tplink to plant default ,any data relating to LAN name ssid network key or pppoe association settings in bound cases are going to be removed, you’ll be able to as an alternative produce a duplicate log for an equivalent before doing a plant reset on router .

Sam: i’m attempting to set up via application no cd in package ,I am employing a tplink archer c7 router, i’m unable to access tplink configuration webpage tplinkwifi.net ,please recommendation ?
Solution : there’s no want for cd to line up new ac series tp-link routers, for initial setup of any tplink router connect a coaxial cable between isp electronic equipment and wan slot of tp-link router ,connect aethernet cable between computer network slot of tplink router and your laptop ,then open an internet browser sort computer network.tplinkwifi.net or tplinklogin.net in address bat=r of the browser , a login screen can seem ,follow onscreen directions relating to your date and geographical zone, net association sort and wireless settings ,then click end choice .
Richard : I have archer c7 and that i am powerless to login with ipaf\ddress ,i have rogers net and that i would really like to use my router as a repeater. i would like facilitate to configr the router as a repeater ,computer crash attempting to open link to cloud link ,router mountain operating laptop with software system on crashed lost software system

Terry : i’m employing a tplink c9 router , i’m powerless to open bound ports for my diversion console x box, powerless to use router GUI exploitation scientific discipline address or perhaps by htttp://tplinkwifi.net or http://www.tplinklogin.net , i am obtaining error 403 dangerous entryway error and javascript error
Solution : To resolve this drawback ,try reseting your application and alter javascript ,try to access http://tplinkwifi.net exploitation completely different application , if there’s any security software system put in on your laptop disable it quickly or utterly uninstall security software system , restart your router and laptop then strive computer network.tplinkwifi.net or http://www.tplinklogin.net ,security softwares like Kaspersky net security ,Avast premium block access to router login classic internet address i.ewww.tplinkwifi.net just in case of tplink routers ,for port forwarding or trigerring ,open tplink configuration webpage ,click on advanced settings

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